New Jersey Architect Specializes In Hampton Style
Architecture in Bergen County, NJ

Hampton style homes are becoming a popular architectural trend in Bergen County, NJ. Inspired by the exquisite, yet relaxed sophistication of the famous Long Island, New York seaside vacation destination, homeowners in Franklin Lakes, Englewood, Saddle River and surrounding New Jersey areas are choosing this style of home for their new-construction projects as well as for remodeled homes.

Hamptons-style is coastal and casual, yet an elegant and refined style of architecture. Originally, it took its inspiration from the beach houses and beach estates on Long Island, NY but it’s chic appeal has transcended beyond just its beach origins, and many Hampton style homes designed by Jordan Rosenberg Architects and Associates appear all throughout Northern New Jersey in such towns as Ridgewood NJ, Short Hill, NJ, Madison, NJ, Franklin Lakes NJ, Saddle River, NJ, Englewood NJ, HoHoKus NJ, Tenafly NJ, and many other towns scattered tight Bergen County and Essex County NJ.

The Shingle style home also known as the Hampton style home, is an American architectural style made popular by the rise of the New England school of architecture.  In the Shingle style, the English countryside architectural influence was combined with the renewed interest in early colonial American architecture.  The plain, shingled surfaces of colonial buildings were readapted and their massing emulated the early American barn style.  The Hampton style was alluring early on because the American barn exemplifies volume and mass. When reinterpreted in a more artistic manner for the middle class family, an articulation of interesting geometric volumes of space and mass was further enhanced and the visual allure of the curved shingled surfaces started to shape what is now an accepted classic shingle style home.  The emphasis on Gambrel roofs are reminiscent of early barn style and became a prominent feature in the shingle style, or Hampton style home.  The Hampton style house was born out of incorporating the early American architectural principals of form and function, and combining it with the modern luxuries of today’s lifestyle of the more lavish homeowner. What evolved was a  very sophisticated  and classic way to convey these principals of architecture in a more chic and alluring way.
The architectural evolution of the Hampton style has taken us from utilitarian barn built by the First Settlers in the 1640’s to the classic shingle style homes that defined vacation architecture in the 1890’s, to the dramatic shingle style houses that appeared in the 20th century, and established the Hampton style that sophisticated architects create today. One such architect, Jordan Rosenberg has brought the Hampton style  and shingle style house to Bergen county and has spent his career designing unique and creative Hampton style mansions throughout Bergen county NJ.

Jordan Rosenberg Architect has developed a reputation as a leader and specialist of Hampton style architecture and has designed a number of Hampton style homes in the Bergen County suburbs of New Jersey. If a Hampton style home is the style of home you are dreaming of, then contact Jordan Rosenberg Architect at (201) 669-8614 to design your new home in Ridgewood, New Jersey and surrounding cities throughout Northern New Jersey and Bergen Country including Englewood NJ, Saddle River NJ, Ridgewood NJ, Glen Rock NJ, Franklin Lakes NJ, Tenafly NJ, Upper Saddle River NJ, Ho-Ho-Kus NJ, Alpine NJ, Madison NJ, Short Hills NJ, Teaneck NJ, Bergenfield NJ, Paramus NJ, Closter NJ, Cresskill NJ, Demarest NJ, and Norwood NJ.



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